Wednesday, June 29

God and Country Festival

hello nampa
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This is a big 'ol festival in Idaho. Actually I found out that we're about an hour from where they filmed Napolian Dynamite. Man what i wouldn't give to go see that. Why do i love that movie so much? I don't know. Anyway it's a nice day. Good weather. Really nice gear today.

Amazingly there was 17,000 people at this show. I've never been in front of that many people so far. I'm impressed.

Saturday, June 25

Tulsa, OK

A big'ol festival on the ground of a theme park. Kinda small park but huge stage and good crowd.

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Tuesday, June 14

14 Days galavanting across
the UK!!

Big BenI
certainly did not deserve
this chance to roam all over the history rich
place. My dear sweet parents declared this as the last big who-ra! So we certainly
went out with a bang. I plan on coming back to write down all the amazing things
that we visited. There were 20 students from my mothers high school, Grace Community.
The same high school i went to a million year ago. It was good to see some of
the good folks coming out of there now. This trip was a wonderful little break
from real life. I spent most of the time with my cousin James and his friends.
The strange thing is for some reason all the kids liked me. It was weird being
the "cool kid." I was everbody's freind in high school, but never part of the
cool people. So it was strange that this diverse group thought I was worthy
of thier attetion. Coolest guys in scotlandJames
and I spent the time acting as high school boys do. It's like I regressed for
a few days. Back to strange noises, weird voices, pretending like girls have
cooties, and making fun of anything that moved. I'll have to admit it was a
bit refreshing. It's nice to know i still have the high school spunk left in
me, despite how many times James tells me I'm an old man.

All of the kids had a wonderful time I think. I know I sure did. I plan to
post a ton more pictures online as soon as i get the big daddy Flickr account