Wednesday, September 28

Day 5 & 6ish

SO much has happened and i'm not sure how to say it all. I've been to something called an "Unformal settlement." Which basicly means the slums. These houses are made of sheet metal and rock. There is nothing. No runinnig water, no toilets, nothing but the dirt and the tin. These people live in these slums and then go into the city to work. Most of them do not have a job by the standards we hold. The sell items on the side of the street to passing cars. They walk among the cars at stop lights trying to pedal things like soda, wooden bowls, even a world map or globe.

Seeing this place has really weighed on all of our hearts. We're completely taken aback by the unbelievable poverty that we've seen here. But equaly as stunning is nearly the same side of town has a huge mall that houses hundreds of the worlds top brands of materialism. Sadly that's where i am right now. The only place that i could find internet.

Here is a picture that Chris took at the settlement of some of the children and I. I was trying to get them to sit still so i could fit them all in the shot. But I made the wonderful mistake of showing them the preview screen with their pictures on it so they all run after me to see the show. This picture makes me so sad and yet i was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time.

There are many more pictures of this village to come; I don't have them with me right now.

God bless this settlement

On the other side of town we had to do our jobs as international professionals. We went to a radio interview for the one and only christian station in town. It was a far change from the place we had been the day before.

Saturday, September 24

Day 4 - South Africa

Well writing with very little time to spare. We have to role out to our concert in a bit. It's been a wonderful trip so far. We've been to the "Lion Park." It's a large spot of land that the've set aside to keep several animals for viewing.
Sadly I don't have time to type much but here's some pictures.

Tuesday, September 13

USS Razorback

USS RazorbackWell I got to hang out with my parents this weekend. Recently it seems that there is very little chance to get together with my family. At the last minute we managed to pull off a quick trip to Little Rock. Sitting in the harbour on the river was the submarine USS Razorback. Dad and I got some tickets and took the tour. This thing was cool. There is no easy way in and no easy way around. You clime through a very small hatch in the hull. There is very little room down there. The doors in an out of different rooms are very small.

I had a ton of fun. It was a great birthday.

GuagePressure ControlUHF IFFBAS Trim

Monday, September 12

Classic Web Browser Emulator

See how today's web would look like on various classic browsers, such as Internet Explorer 2.0, Mosaic 1.0, and Netscape Navigator 1.0.

I think this is great. It takes me back to the days of Jr. High.

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