Saturday, February 25

500v Arc

This is what used to happen when I tried to hook up the power distro...


Friday, February 3

Making a podcast is actually easy!

Hot off the presses
SONICcast #1
I was listening to TWIT (This Week In Tech) podcast the other week and thought to myself, "I love this podcasting stuff. Some day maybe I'll figure it out." At work (Industrial Strength Marketing) we were meeting about a huge new web project we're taking on. A many thousands of dollars worth of website, backend databases, and fancy store front. I mentioned the importance of offering an RSS feed for the newsroom portion of their site. Of course I didn't really know a thing about RSS.
The one place I have seen RSS used was on newssites, so i went to reading code. Come to find out RSS is really easy to script. Then i stumbled across TWIT's RSS feed. Which come to find out that's all a podcast is; a very simple RSS feed that points to mp3 files!

Well i jumped right on it. I read every bit of the TWIT code and noticed a link to a Harvard law site. Which apparently is the mecca for all RSS 2.0 info. I also noticed in the TWIT code some strange tags that i wasn't sure about. Well luckily apple actually has some help on how to code a proper RSS stream for an itunes podcast. This was helpful but is good only for an itunes podcast. I want my stream to be good for newsreaders and itunes. So i just messed the code from the Harvard site and the Apple help.

Well the first one is out, but i'm so boring in it!! I think maybe I was too excited to just post something without really thinking about my inflections. I also worked tirelessly into the late night to finish it. Well I'm all jazzed up about some of the future episodes. They stand to be much better.