Thursday, October 27

Half Life 2 "Lost Coast" - Should have stayed lost

Man i have been waiting for a very long time for this extention to HalfLife2 to come out. They put up videos and screenshots to entice me. The put it in the program section of Steam, like I might have to pay for it (which I was ready to do). It was "Coming Soon" for way too long. Months and months i waited.
Well today i downloaded it and played it. I was very sad. It's nothing more than a playable benchmark for your gaming system. It's not an adition to the incredable story line of HL2, like i though it would be. Today was a day of great excitment followed by a tremendous let down.
It was only one load level. Very quick play time and very little interaction or skill needed.

Here you can see how they didn't even finish half the map.

Friday, October 14

Leopard Wood Manor B&B

Leopard Wood Manor B&B

This is the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Durban, SA. It was so wonderful to stay in a home for the last half of the trip. I felt as if i was was coming home each night. I slept so much better without the noise of a hotel. We had the whole property to ourselves. Check out the pictures, it was wonderful!

Thursday, October 6

South Africa - a photoset on Flickr

Alien Bird Face Painting! South African Airlines Baby Aslan Wall Lizard

Here's a whole bunch of pictures that are finally up on Flickr. There are quite a few more coming as soon as Stan comes back with his computer. Even with the 4gb of storage I had in flash cards i STILL had to offload the pictures.

So the best is yet to come!

Wednesday, September 28

Day 5 & 6ish

SO much has happened and i'm not sure how to say it all. I've been to something called an "Unformal settlement." Which basicly means the slums. These houses are made of sheet metal and rock. There is nothing. No runinnig water, no toilets, nothing but the dirt and the tin. These people live in these slums and then go into the city to work. Most of them do not have a job by the standards we hold. The sell items on the side of the street to passing cars. They walk among the cars at stop lights trying to pedal things like soda, wooden bowls, even a world map or globe.

Seeing this place has really weighed on all of our hearts. We're completely taken aback by the unbelievable poverty that we've seen here. But equaly as stunning is nearly the same side of town has a huge mall that houses hundreds of the worlds top brands of materialism. Sadly that's where i am right now. The only place that i could find internet.

Here is a picture that Chris took at the settlement of some of the children and I. I was trying to get them to sit still so i could fit them all in the shot. But I made the wonderful mistake of showing them the preview screen with their pictures on it so they all run after me to see the show. This picture makes me so sad and yet i was laughing and enjoying myself the entire time.

There are many more pictures of this village to come; I don't have them with me right now.

God bless this settlement

On the other side of town we had to do our jobs as international professionals. We went to a radio interview for the one and only christian station in town. It was a far change from the place we had been the day before.

Saturday, September 24

Day 4 - South Africa

Well writing with very little time to spare. We have to role out to our concert in a bit. It's been a wonderful trip so far. We've been to the "Lion Park." It's a large spot of land that the've set aside to keep several animals for viewing.
Sadly I don't have time to type much but here's some pictures.

Tuesday, September 13

USS Razorback

USS RazorbackWell I got to hang out with my parents this weekend. Recently it seems that there is very little chance to get together with my family. At the last minute we managed to pull off a quick trip to Little Rock. Sitting in the harbour on the river was the submarine USS Razorback. Dad and I got some tickets and took the tour. This thing was cool. There is no easy way in and no easy way around. You clime through a very small hatch in the hull. There is very little room down there. The doors in an out of different rooms are very small.

I had a ton of fun. It was a great birthday.

GuagePressure ControlUHF IFFBAS Trim

Monday, September 12

Classic Web Browser Emulator

See how today's web would look like on various classic browsers, such as Internet Explorer 2.0, Mosaic 1.0, and Netscape Navigator 1.0.

I think this is great. It takes me back to the days of Jr. High.

read more | digg story

Thursday, August 18

Saturday, July 30


Alright, I haven't got time to say alot. I'll come back and add more.

So I'm in Singapore. It's 2;30am here and i'm really tired. But i have a 26 hour flight time in a few hours so i need to stay up so I can sleep on the flights. The strange thing is we arrive only a couple hours after we leave. Yet there is 26 hours registered to my body clock. Weird.

Anyway there is pictures and thoughts yet to come.

Friday, July 22

Lincoln Nebraska

Sonic Rainbow
Originally uploaded by Jon Allen.
Well, this was a pretty good show. It was SOOO hot it hurt. During sound check the sun was right on me with no tent. BLAH!!

Anyway I thought this shot was very cool with the rainbow behind us.

Thursday, July 7

Y! Festival (Oshkosk, WI)

So i'm not so sure i put my best foot forward today. I get pretty unpleasant with the production company staff today during our soundcheck. Let me start with why...

When we showed up today we where suppose to start our soundcheck. Since there was a "headliner" after us they get their soundcheck before ours. They decided that they could show up about an hour late and still take more then they were suppose to. So they drug on and on going way over their alotted time. To be honest they were a bit snooty about it too. We couldn't start our soundcheck until they were finished. It was about 45min into the time for us to check and the venue was wanting us to hurry up.
I was using a digital console that I had only used once before and for only a short time. So before the show i asked the tech to give me a quick lesson. He told me the basics that i needed to know. So when it finally came time for our soundcheck they saved the page information of the headliner and cleared the console. I stepped up to run our soundcheck like we always do. We try very hard to run a well timed and quick check. Unlike most of the people we run into.
As i began to gain up each of the channels I noticed that none of the signal was making it to the AUX outputs (the outputs that run each set of in-ear monitors for the guys) Well no signal to the ears, no soundcheck. So i'm at a dead stop until we can figure this thing out. So I ask the tech what might be wrong. He can't give me a straight answer. He doesn't know, the other guy doesn't know. They said, "Oh yeah the guy before had the same problem. What did he do to fix it? I don't remember." Well these are not words i want to hear.
So due to the time crunch the people before us left us in and the fact the crowds were starting to pour into the seats, I had to get this fixed quickly. I ask the tech, "Who do we need to ask to get this figured out." He said a name then walked away to work on something else. Well in a few minutes I tell him that i still can't get the Aux's to work. He says i need to talk to ________. I still don't know who this is. I asked him where this gentleman is. He says,"Oh he's up in the light truss focusing lights for ******** (The unamed headliner that messed us up) So again they are busy with their own thing and prohibiting us from doing what we need to do.
After several attempts to get him down, he finally just yells down what needs to be done. So the tech and I figure it out and begin sound check.

The problem is here that during this process I yelled rather forcefully at the tech to either give me a straight answer on how to fix it or find someone that can. Mistake1. Later on the Front of House tech came back and had to do something on my console. Well i'm still doing soundcheck and he came over and started pushing buttons.(Which on a digital console is going to affect what i'm hearing and where the faders are) With my in-ears in i can't hear anything else around me. From my perspective i was working very quickly and this set up hands just shows up and starts monkeying with things. I didn't even look to see what was going on. I yelled, "Hey cut it out, i'm not finished yet." I think do the time crunch and the frustration of not fully understanding the console the grabing hands thing pushed me over.

Well stan brought it to my attetion that the house guy complained about me. My worse nightmare. I DO NOT want to be looked at as the guy that can't keep his cool in high stress situations. Stan was extreamly frustated the whole day too, but he managed to never show it. I'm glad Stan brought it up so i can learn from it. After the show I found the FOH guy and apologized.

Some day I hope to hold the reputaion of the guy that can perform calmly during all types of stress.

Wednesday, June 29

God and Country Festival

hello nampa
Originally uploaded by thill59.
This is a big 'ol festival in Idaho. Actually I found out that we're about an hour from where they filmed Napolian Dynamite. Man what i wouldn't give to go see that. Why do i love that movie so much? I don't know. Anyway it's a nice day. Good weather. Really nice gear today.

Amazingly there was 17,000 people at this show. I've never been in front of that many people so far. I'm impressed.

Saturday, June 25

Tulsa, OK

A big'ol festival on the ground of a theme park. Kinda small park but huge stage and good crowd.

2005-06-25 080 2005-06-25 078 2005-06-25 067

Tuesday, June 14

14 Days galavanting across
the UK!!

Big BenI
certainly did not deserve
this chance to roam all over the history rich
place. My dear sweet parents declared this as the last big who-ra! So we certainly
went out with a bang. I plan on coming back to write down all the amazing things
that we visited. There were 20 students from my mothers high school, Grace Community.
The same high school i went to a million year ago. It was good to see some of
the good folks coming out of there now. This trip was a wonderful little break
from real life. I spent most of the time with my cousin James and his friends.
The strange thing is for some reason all the kids liked me. It was weird being
the "cool kid." I was everbody's freind in high school, but never part of the
cool people. So it was strange that this diverse group thought I was worthy
of thier attetion. Coolest guys in scotlandJames
and I spent the time acting as high school boys do. It's like I regressed for
a few days. Back to strange noises, weird voices, pretending like girls have
cooties, and making fun of anything that moved. I'll have to admit it was a
bit refreshing. It's nice to know i still have the high school spunk left in
me, despite how many times James tells me I'm an old man.

All of the kids had a wonderful time I think. I know I sure did. I plan to
post a ton more pictures online as soon as i get the big daddy Flickr account

Saturday, April 9


Stem & Stern - Loveable little ratsSo
I'm a rat.
I've taken on puppetry at our church. They spent a great deal
of time on theme classrooms There's one that looks like a Egyptian dig. One
that looks like a castle. Very impressive.

On my end there's a theme of outerspace and an old sailors ship. I'm in the
ship. There are several characters that show up in the very well planned script
that is titled "The Ultimate Voyage."

There's blackheart the bad guy; The sailor; the captain; and of course Stem
& Stern the two fat little rats that provide comic relief. I'm Stem, a fat
yet lovable little gray rat. Ship Mates 009

We get there at 8am to go over the script for a bit as the kids are doing
their small group time in the two smaller rooms attached to the main "ship."
Then we get ready for the kids and get the rats on their crates ready to talk.
We have wireless headset mics on so the kiddies can understand the "Rat
Babble." We're pretty weak actors so we pin the script to the back of the
crates we're hiding behind and highlight out two lines in different colors.
If there's a third puppet character that week we just fall apart. (Not enough
highlighter colors, the whole system breaks down)

Ship Mates 011The
kids seem to love us, they always laugh when I feel the need to throw in a very
funny childlike ad-lib. I use a strange voice for Stem; Kind of a cross between
thick country and dumb sailor
. I'm not sure where it came from it just came
out the first time I had to a say a line. I'm not sure why, but each time I
go to be Stem it just comes out that way.

Thursday, March 31

Photo of the Day 3-31-05

Old Church (day)So
there's this old church right across from the starbucks that I work at. I though
it would be worth sharing with you. I took the liberty of playing with the images
a bit. They both come from the same photo.



Old Church (night)Just
the other day i watched a funeral procesion take place in this church. It really
makes me stop and think. To remember my Uncle Curt. I realize that it's not
about what I do with my ilfe, but who i am to others. How i've helped them and
improved their lives. Why on earth would I obsess over my needs and what i want?
That's extreamly pointless. I'm stuck on this earth along with the rest of you.
To be honest it kinda stinks here. I'll have the rest of eternity to get what
i want. God will give me all things then, but now I should give all I have.

Monday, March 28

Photo for 03-28-05

Originally uploaded by jdasquared.
Another beautiful day in Franklin. An interesting cross high atop the church on the corner of Five Points.

Saturday, March 26

Photo(s) of the Day 03-26-05

are some more pictures from around Downtown Franklin. I'm very happy because
my parents are in town this weekend. So We'll finally have something interesting
to do. I'm glad your here Mom & Dad.

This is a lamp post ontop the parking garage. It seems a bit out of place with
the rest of the concrete structure. I think it's a nice lamp shade, but it feels
a bit too nice for the big pile of concrete it's sitting on.

Downtown FranklinI
just happened to look up at the right time for this jet to be flying by. I thought
it apropriate to have a little old, a little new. I think I heard a rumor that
this use to be the courthouse when Franklin was the county seat, i'm not sure.

Friday, March 25

Photo of the Day 03-25-05

Originally uploaded by jdasquared.
I've just decided that I love to take pictures. flickr seems to be a place to just share your favorite photos with the world so I'm going to share our little town with the world. Franklin, TN has so many wonderful people from all ove the world, so why not let you see the sights and people.

This first picture is of my freind Paul. He's a funny soap making british man that owns a bath shop in downtown Franlin. He makes all his soaps, fizzies, lip balm, and face masks himself. He works in the day and brews up the best soap in the world at night. If you've never been to the shop please check it out, his products have changed my bath life.

Friday, March 18

Honestly I feel great about our financial future now.

Honestly this show and the Financial Peace University is the only way I'm going to be secure in this money based world. Jessica and I feel secure and confident about our Financial outlook. If you have any debt at all, you really need to listen to his show. It's Broadcast on the web or there might be a radio station that offers it. All the FPU class is amazing!

Tuesday, March 15

New PhotBlog

New York City pictures are up.

There's not a lot right now, but it's growing. There will be quite a few later
on. Right now there is only an album of our New York trip. But soon there will
be a section just for tulip and other trips. Enjoy.

JDAsquared's PhotoBlog @ Flickr

Saturday, March 5

Poor Sick little Tulip

If you think about it pray for out little Tulip. She’s sick as a... well a pug. She ate some tassels off a throw and my hands free thing. We’re a little worried about her. She’s been just pitiful for the past three days. I’m really worried about her but the vet says she’ll be ok. (The vet says this for $88) But I guess little Tulip is worth every penny. I’m pretty sure I would fall apart if she went away.

Friday, March 4

Crawltech Offroad Outfitters & Fabrication Shop

This is a company run by a good freind of mine from High Shcool. He's a great guy with a wonderful heart for the Lord. I'm so happy for him that he's doing so well in the very tough world of offroad dealers.

So if anyone that reads this needs the best lift kit around, Talk to him.

Crawltech Offroad Outfitters & Fabrication Shop

Tuesday, March 1

"I'll have the 'Hands Free' special of the day, please"

I just thought i might share with the world what our little dog decided to have for dinner last night. Aparently cell phone accessories are in a pugs diet. I didn't not know this otherwise i could have avoided this $15.00 meal for a dog. (By the way it took me forever to find this thing that cheap, not sure I can snag a deal that good again) I can only assume the the rubber earpiece is resting saftly inside her little belly.
Well needless to say I was a bit angry at the little animal. Again God uses a very small pug to teach me patients.

I would just like to add that I just recently took Tulip outside and she gave me the earpiece back

Monday, February 28

The Job Search Continues

I'm so tired of trying to find a job!!

I've knocked on so many doors and God has shut each one. I'm beginning to wonder what i'm suppose to do. It's been tough when i work my tush off to find names and numbers of people that are in this industry. I've networked my little hands off. My family has helped quite a bit and still my efforts seem to be in vain. There is a long list of people that has taken me a long time to come up with (which by the way is backuped in 4 places, this list is like gold).

I've researched and brainstormed what it is I should do. I feel like i'm good at several things but i'm not sure what job would use them all. Well maybe i'm not suppose to use them all. Or maybe there is a dream job out there, one that i could actually feel as if i'm doing something useful. Nothing against Starbucks but I just wasn't made to be the fastest barista in the midwest. Here's thelist of people i've tried, tell me what you think.
  1. Blackhawk Audio
  2. All Star Audio
  3. Hugh Bennett Productions
  4. CTS Audio
  5. Q Audio
  6. Maxx Technology - This is where i really want to be
  7. Christ Church Nashville
  8. Dave Williamson - Industry pro
  9. Phil Barefoot - Industry buff
  10. Justin Zebell - Artist management firm
  11. Southern Baptist Convention
  12. Lampo Group - Dave Ramsey's company
  13. EmbassySuites
  14. Franklin Marriot
  15. Fellowship Bible church
  16. Marketing Makers
  17. The Graphics Lab
  18. Unamed Graphics Firm (Classifieds)
  19. Every freind I've ever had in nashville - Too numerous to list.

After going through all of these people you would think that there was something for me. Still there are only 2 of these doors that are still slightly open; Maxx tech and SBC. If you think about it pray for me and my endless hunts. If you can think of anything else, please leave a comment. I'm open to anything at this point.

Daily Bible Readings:

I've been on this kick of reading the chapter in proverbs
that goes with the date. So date was the 28th chapter. I thought i might share
the ones that stuck out to me. They seem to deal with the same issues that i've
been stuggling with. Funny how that works out.

6 Better a poor man whose walk is blameless

than a rich man whose ways are perverse.

13 He who conceals his sins does not prosper,

but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

18 He whose walk is blameless is kept safe,

but he whose ways are perverse will suddenly fall.

I think for me this is a tough one to swallow,.well for anybody actually. I'm certainly not blameless. It does give me hope though as I struggle to be the light in among the others.

19 He who works his land will have abundant food,

but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.

20 A faithful man will be richly blessed,

but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.

27 He who gives to the poor will lack nothing,

but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.

Homerun for me. I need to realize that a job is not going to just smack in the face like all the others have. I have to "work my land" so that i can have abundant food, or in today's case money.
Plus I think that charitable giving is the answer to this one. Joshua, here i come!

23 He who rebukes a man will in the end gain more favor

than he who has a flattering tongue.

This one I have a tough time with. There are times that i see things a friend will do that I know is wrong. Well is it my job say something? I don't want to be that guy that makes everybody mad

Friday, February 18

Curtis Lee Peterson (1965-2005)

I honestly believe that in today’s digital world that God is just as much a part of it as He is in the physical world. So I offer this Prayer to God on behalf of my family:

“Lord today you chose to bring Curt home to you. I’m very grateful for the way you played out his life. I know your exact plan for his life has been acted out exactly as you saw fit. The struggles and triumphs lead up to this day as part of you design for each of our lives. I understand that this is but a step for each of us in the same plan you have us following. I’m grateful for everything that Curt brought to our family. I’m grateful for the witness and blessing he was to the kids of Ransom Everglades. I’m extremely grateful for the role he played in my wedding, and the blessing he was to my family on that day. Lord I thank you for the opportunity to return the favor in his wedding.
You have done so much for my family that we have not deserved. You’ve blessed me with an incredible life, and an amazing family of my own now. We truly do not deserve your grace and blessings. We don’t deserve single thing beyond what you’ve done for us. But If there is one thing that I ask you for today is to comfort my family. Please stand right next to Pops and remind him of your sovereignty. Hold Nana close on the plane rides and help her remember the good things of the past.

In the great name of Jesus I give Uncle Curt back to you and thank you for the time we had. Amen.”

Today I read the chapter of proverbs that corresponds with the day, as many people do. There are many things about life and the tongue; some seeming to have no connection. But one verse stood out today. I know it’s been used many time and we’ve all heard it. But there is never a wrong time to share God’s word.

Psalms 18:10
”The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,
the righteous run to it and are safe.”

To any of my family struggling with this, please listen to a song that has some how come up several times on "Random." It's a beautiful song by Steven Curtis Chapman, God is God. Is just restates what I know needs to be heard right now. God really has this all planned, He has from the beginning. If you can find a copy of this song, take a second and listen to it.

Places Regarding Curt Peterson:

Miami Herald Obituaries - Curtis Lee Peterson
___(be sure and read the incredable things in the guest book)

Miami Herlad News - Innovative teacher at Ransom
om - Death and Funeral Notices (not much here)
Rasom Everglades School --- Facutly and Staff
CBS WFOR News Story