Tuesday, October 31

Around the Warehouse

I think Maxx Technology is on the way to being the top production company in Nashville in short order. Well organized, well prepared, and constantly a step ahead of the latest trend.

Here is our wonderful warehouse:

Warehouse Car

Firefox 2.0 - Necessary addons

Here is my humble opinion of the must-have's for Firefox 2.0
These are items that I use on a daily basis. Somehow i've convinced myself that i can't live without these.

  • All-in-one Gestures
    If i could do a life hack and create controls for hand gestures, I would rule the world. Whenever I go to use someone else computer i find myself flicking the mouse in silly directions with no result.

  • All-in-one Sidebar
    Instead a 50 annoying, yet useful, windows open from firefox, this combines them all into a disappearing side bar. The screenshot on the right came from this wonderful plugin. ----->

  • DownThemAll!
    I don't understand how this works, but I know it does. Somehow it gets much faster transfer rates out of normally slow servers. Downloads are effortless with this.

  • firefox Showcase
    I'm still playing with this one. Either in the side bar or in a tab will give you thumbnailed screen shots of all the tabs and/or windows you have open. As i am very visual, i'm enjoyin this one.

  • FireFTP
    Can't live without it!! Dreamweaver seems to always choke on uploads that are time sensitive or extremely important. Complaining of the server not responding or some crap. FireFTP uploads quickly with no questions or complaints. All from the comfort of a tab in my proofing window of Firefox.

  • Forcastfox
    Again, can't live without it. Check the mail, check with weather to see if it's good scootering weather. I've been stuck coming home from work in the rain on the scooter, and it's no fun.

  • Gmail Manager
    Small, clean line in the status bar that allows me to be one with the gmail.

  • Google Notebook
    I can only describe the notebook as super cool online bookmarks. It let's me take notes for any page on the web. All my notes are stored online and are accessible from anywhere.

  • IE Tab
    MUST HAVE. I don't know why the world still clings to IE, but they do. While I'm working on a site here's how my proofing windows tab list reads:
    | The Site (Firefox) | The Site (IEtab) | FireFTP |

    With a simple flick of my mouse gesture all these items refresh to reflect whatever change i'm working on. And it all minimizes to one little item on the taskbar.

  • No Script
    In the evil world of popups and porno, this is a Godsend. It will be annoying at first but once you have all your normally visited sites in it's list, you'll never go back. It blocks all unwanted scripts from the originating URL and outside.

  • Tabbrowser Preferences
    Give tabs a ton more flexibility. You can move them, rename them, all sorts of good stuff.

  • Web Developer
    If you have to update or rework a site this is pefect. I can visually tear apart a site, on the fly edit CSS and HTML, and break source code apart better than any program i've seen.

  • Wikipedia Lookup Extention
    Have you ever met those people that seem to have all the right answers? That just means they frequent Wikipedia.

Website Overhaul

Ugh, another night were i know i should have gone to bed a long time ago. Been working away on some updates for the site. I think i've finally got the user experience so they don't have to leave the site. 'Cause if they leave, I loose them. It's sad because most of the work is for the client portal. So not many people get to see all my handy work.
It's becoming apparent to me why there are entire office buildings of people that maintain large sites. This site is so small, and yet I can see it getting out of hand in the near future. I've tried to put automated systems in place to make it faster, but i'm still hand coding a lot of it.

Who am I kidding? No one looks at this thing. That's probably why it feels like i'm typing to a brick wall, or at least a drywall slab.

Monday, October 30

Avenged Clothing - Spring Line 07 photoshoot

Woah! A crazy day of lights and cameras and actions. Shot in the John Boyd's backyard with an old bronco and my new scooter. A bunch of friends, new and old, showed their wonderful faces and we took some pictures.

Some of the proofs are up if you want to see.