Wednesday, June 7

HDRi Imagery Test

Here is my first attempts at HDRI imagery. I was so glad to finally discover how to make these things. Photomatrix and tone mapping.

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Turkish Delight

A new friend of mine from a recent trip to seattle bought me some turkish delight. This is her struggle.


I want you to know, that what I had to go through to get this turkish delight was a pretty incredible act of heroism on my part.
So..............with it being Memorial weekend and all, it was extremely busy down at Pike Place today. Lots and lots of people, especially the homeless. So anyways, I'm on " Pike " St. and I park my car and I can see the " Turkish Delight " sign clearly in view. I start to make my way towards the entrance and as I enter, the smell of turkish food and the quaint open windows of the small cafe were simply delighting (maybe that's why they call it Turkish"Delight"?). I start analyzing the various different types of delight and I decided on two that I think you will be very
pleased with! I paid for the delight and started to make my way out of the cafe when all of a sudden........a homeless man running down the sidewalk runs past me and GRABS the delight out of my grasp and takes off running down the busy street. I started yelling " stop him, stop him, he has my Turkish Delight !!!!! " People were looking at my like I was the crazy one, but that's when one must assume they've obviously never tried Turkish Delight! So I start running, and running and.......then I see HIM!!!! Sitting on the street corner covered in powdered sugar! It was a dead give away, this was the man who stole my (YOUR) turkish delight, as you probably know by now I am completely appauled. I make my way to the man and asked him what in the name of @**$#% he was thinking??? And then....I punched him in the face! Uh oh...I mean what was I thinking??? Then, I saw the look in his eye (face still covered in powdered sugar) he was about to come at me when about that time a pol ice officer started making his way across the street! I was extremely relieved, now I could explain how this man was a theif! Not so fast.......the officer didn't want to hear my part of the horrific trama I had just been through. All he saw was my offense towards the man when I punched him in the face. HE CUFFED ME ! Can you believe this??? Here I am sitting in the back of a police car, and empty handed at that!!! By this time I'm almost in tears! Not because I'm scared, but because I'm furious about the Turkish Delight! The homeless man had the officer convinved that HE BOUGHT the Turkish Delight and made up some story about how I've come after him before, and he thinks I have a mental disorder. The officer buys into his story and let's him go, Turkish Delight and all! He then proceeds to make his way to my side of the backseat of the police vehicle and asks for my side of the story, even though I knew he already believed the homeless guy. So I tell him everything, I gave hi m tears and emotion and everything I had to give and then.........he looks at me and said " must be mental, cause noone likes Turkish Delight enough to go through what you've just gone through! " Then he uncuffed me and told me to " get help "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to be honest, by this time I'm feeling alittle " mental " ....all I could do was laugh, and I did......I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. And what did I do???? I crossed the street........and there it was again .....the" Turkish Delight" sign. I made my way back into the quaint cafe, a few strange looks but I didn't care. I got our Turkish Delight, paid for it, and hung onto it with a kung-fu grip like you've never seen and I ran........I mean ran not walked to my car! I got in, locked the doors and drove home. And here I am writing you. You better savour this like you've never savoured anything else in your life!!!! In fact, you shouldn't even eat it, you should frame it or something ! Yeah that's a great idea........enjoy .......
By: Amber Pettit

Thursday, June 1

Vacation Home

I took a little trip home to TX. Here is the childrens park in Tyler.

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