Monday, December 25

Bored Silly

Christmas night. Bored silly at ihop in tyler tx. It's amazing how wonderful family can make life.

Tuesday, December 19


Originally uploaded by Jon Allen.
Santa gave me an early present.

The short version of how this happened is i fell off my scooter. I was turning left onto seaboard from mallory station to go to church. I hit a patch of gravel and the scooter slid out from under me cause my left leg to take the full force of the fall. The doctor said i basically removed my foot from my leg. No skin broke but all the ligaments were torn and my fibula was fractured.
I have spent my whole life taking for granted how important both my legs are. It's rough with only one that works! I'm much better than a week ago. I was very strong pain medication and I actually can't remember much of the last 2 weeks. I'm off pain meds, by my own doing, so I have full control of my mental state. I'm finally in a hard cast so I feel much more secure about moving around. The doctor says i'm probably in this cast for 4 months. I'm praying it won't be that long.