Friday, June 27

Wednesday, June 18

Saturday, June 14

The Crabby Pants festival

Today is totally living up to its name. Dave is crabby, so I am
crabby. The weather is wonderful though. Windy and 76.

Friday, June 13

The Neon Armadilla, again.

Never thought I would be at this horrid little place 3 times in my
life. I think I need to aim higher in life.

Thursday, June 12

Marion, SC

Wow. I swear the state bird of NC must be the mullet. There's so many,
its overwhelming.

Monday, May 19

Test Post for twitterfeed

Shure hope this works. BTW twitter fee is a amazing. That guys is really nice and helpful.

Saturday, May 10

Sunday, March 9

Congressional tour

Louie Gomert gave us an amazing 3hr tour of the capital.

Thursday, February 14

iPhone error?

Never seen this error before. I'm getting a steady stream of call
errors and its starting to hack me off.

I called a number 18 times, failing each time. AT&T or Apple?