Sunday, November 21

Oct. 19, 2004

You know it occurred to me today as i made lattes for all the nice people of Franklin TN, that I'm too dadgun proud and too bitter about my place in life. All morning people who knew me from the coolsprings store were happy to see me and ask what I've been up to. Well, I've been just a little two willing to share my story about being layed off by some spoiled rich little kids. As I'm getting to know the people that work there they ask me what I do. I just a bit to excited to let them know that "I've traveled with several bands." SEVERAL? Ya right that makes me sound like I'm such a big, constantly sought after engineer. When in reality I've had only two real groups that I only got because God handed them to me on a silver platter. I did nothing to get them, no my talent, not my "reputation," nothing. So why on earth do I talk like I'm some big thing? Why is it when I walk into any situation that I think, "Oh I've traveled the world with bands, I'm better than anyone here"? SERIOUSLY!! I'm just dumb to think that any of those things came from me. I've got nothing.

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