Friday, February 18

Curtis Lee Peterson (1965-2005)

I honestly believe that in today’s digital world that God is just as much a part of it as He is in the physical world. So I offer this Prayer to God on behalf of my family:

“Lord today you chose to bring Curt home to you. I’m very grateful for the way you played out his life. I know your exact plan for his life has been acted out exactly as you saw fit. The struggles and triumphs lead up to this day as part of you design for each of our lives. I understand that this is but a step for each of us in the same plan you have us following. I’m grateful for everything that Curt brought to our family. I’m grateful for the witness and blessing he was to the kids of Ransom Everglades. I’m extremely grateful for the role he played in my wedding, and the blessing he was to my family on that day. Lord I thank you for the opportunity to return the favor in his wedding.
You have done so much for my family that we have not deserved. You’ve blessed me with an incredible life, and an amazing family of my own now. We truly do not deserve your grace and blessings. We don’t deserve single thing beyond what you’ve done for us. But If there is one thing that I ask you for today is to comfort my family. Please stand right next to Pops and remind him of your sovereignty. Hold Nana close on the plane rides and help her remember the good things of the past.

In the great name of Jesus I give Uncle Curt back to you and thank you for the time we had. Amen.”

Today I read the chapter of proverbs that corresponds with the day, as many people do. There are many things about life and the tongue; some seeming to have no connection. But one verse stood out today. I know it’s been used many time and we’ve all heard it. But there is never a wrong time to share God’s word.

Psalms 18:10
”The Name of the Lord is a strong tower,
the righteous run to it and are safe.”

To any of my family struggling with this, please listen to a song that has some how come up several times on "Random." It's a beautiful song by Steven Curtis Chapman, God is God. Is just restates what I know needs to be heard right now. God really has this all planned, He has from the beginning. If you can find a copy of this song, take a second and listen to it.

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