Tuesday, October 31

Website Overhaul

Ugh, another night were i know i should have gone to bed a long time ago. Been working away on some updates for the site. I think i've finally got the user experience so they don't have to leave the site. 'Cause if they leave, I loose them. It's sad because most of the work is for the client portal. So not many people get to see all my handy work.
It's becoming apparent to me why there are entire office buildings of people that maintain large sites. This site is so small, and yet I can see it getting out of hand in the near future. I've tried to put automated systems in place to make it faster, but i'm still hand coding a lot of it.

Who am I kidding? No one looks at this thing. That's probably why it feels like i'm typing to a brick wall, or at least a drywall slab.

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