Friday, January 19

Why did I do all this?

So i'm sitting here at 1:43am wondering why I spend all this time? I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog. I've noticed that I didn't grow up in the Blogger, Myspace era, where all my friends have a blog and all read each others. I'm afraid to mention that I have a blog as I will be ridiculed to tears, i'm sure. I think my only frequent reader doesn't know where this blog is now (my mother). I've put a ton of effort into changing my whole site around so it looks more professional and hopefully gets me some business.
Do I really think this will work? Is it possible for some one like me to just pull a photography world out of my booty? People tell me my pictures are wonderful. They could feel the need to tell me that because their my close friends. Oh, I know. I need outside opinions. Where do I get that from?

I suppose I should stop the cry for affirmation and go to bed.

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