Tuesday, March 1

"I'll have the 'Hands Free' special of the day, please"

I just thought i might share with the world what our little dog decided to have for dinner last night. Aparently cell phone accessories are in a pugs diet. I didn't not know this otherwise i could have avoided this $15.00 meal for a dog. (By the way it took me forever to find this thing that cheap, not sure I can snag a deal that good again) I can only assume the the rubber earpiece is resting saftly inside her little belly.
Well needless to say I was a bit angry at the little animal. Again God uses a very small pug to teach me patients.

I would just like to add that I just recently took Tulip outside and she gave me the earpiece back

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Mike Venable said...

I had heard that Tulips were better than one, but now I have to wonder. Thanks so much for sharing the final outcome of your ear piece. If you put that back into your ear, we definitely need to talk about some basic things.
Your Nana is flying off to babysit Dallas and Dylan in Short Hills, NJ, where there apparently are NO babysitters whatsoever. Also, it seems as if Candace and Craig's Miami haciena just sold (big hooray!) so Craig needs to be a-packing up the loot to move into a storage place in NJ. Cheers to the Pugmaster and Mistress.
Uncle Mike