Thursday, March 31

Photo of the Day 3-31-05

Old Church (day)So
there's this old church right across from the starbucks that I work at. I though
it would be worth sharing with you. I took the liberty of playing with the images
a bit. They both come from the same photo.



Old Church (night)Just
the other day i watched a funeral procesion take place in this church. It really
makes me stop and think. To remember my Uncle Curt. I realize that it's not
about what I do with my ilfe, but who i am to others. How i've helped them and
improved their lives. Why on earth would I obsess over my needs and what i want?
That's extreamly pointless. I'm stuck on this earth along with the rest of you.
To be honest it kinda stinks here. I'll have the rest of eternity to get what
i want. God will give me all things then, but now I should give all I have.

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