Thursday, October 27

Half Life 2 "Lost Coast" - Should have stayed lost

Man i have been waiting for a very long time for this extention to HalfLife2 to come out. They put up videos and screenshots to entice me. The put it in the program section of Steam, like I might have to pay for it (which I was ready to do). It was "Coming Soon" for way too long. Months and months i waited.
Well today i downloaded it and played it. I was very sad. It's nothing more than a playable benchmark for your gaming system. It's not an adition to the incredable story line of HL2, like i though it would be. Today was a day of great excitment followed by a tremendous let down.
It was only one load level. Very quick play time and very little interaction or skill needed.

Here you can see how they didn't even finish half the map.

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chadschw said...

Yeah, they said it be short, but man, I can hold my breath longer than it took to finish this "new chapter".